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In his profession as a writer, director, actor, wealthy person, and one-guy filmmaking factory, Tyler Perry has given us shamelessly over-the-pinnacle demon-yuppie melodrama; exuberantly dirty-minded dress-up burlesque; squeaky-clean own family soap opera; an extraordinary bid for prestige together with his 2010 version of “For coloured women”; and, in last yr’s “Boo! A Madea Halloween,” his message-movie model of a fright-night time comedy. however with “Tyler Perry’s Boo 2! A Madea Halloween,” Perry pushes into novel terrain. He has made a slasher movie, or a satire of a slasher film, or the arena’s most purposefully ineffectual slasher movie, or something. Even in case you’re just looking for a Tyler Perry night out, be afraid, be very afraid. (One qualification: Uncle Joe receives a few tasty nasty strains.)

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On her 18th birthday, Tiffany (Diamond White), the parochial-faculty heroine of the primary “Boo!,” together with her regular-lady-meets-teenager-fashion customary Barbie-doll hauteur, is invited to every other Halloween frat birthday celebration thrown via the geek muscleheads of Upsilon Theta. Perry degrees an expository scene in front of the frat residence that feels love it takes 10 rambling minutes to establish that, sure, the individual of Jonathan (Yousef Erakat), who’s like Vin Diesel crossed with Arnold Horshack, remains on board as Tiffany’s not going love hobby; and that the birthday celebration goes to take area at Derrick Lake, a woodsy “Friday the 13th” sort of location in which a handful of kids have been murdered on a fateful night in 1976.

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Tiffany’s beleaguered dad, Brian, played through Perry in a single of these roles that requires no stylized dress and no sense of humor, thinks that it might be a terrible idea for her to go to the celebration. but he’s overruled by means of his ex-wife, Debrah (Taja V. Simpson), who has just given Tiffany her personal car: a snazzy burnt-orange Mini-Cooper. let the struggle between discipline and permissiveness start.If Hollywood has found out how to do something over the past forty years, it’s to price a frat birthday party with mad strength. but the birthday celebration in “Boo 2!” makes you observed, “yes, this actually does appear like it changed into shot at Tyler Perry’s movie studio in Atlanta,” as it’s threadbare in the worst way: perfunctorily lit or even extra thinly written. The guys and ladies acquire, and there isn’t a halfway evolved character amongst them; the bacchanal fizzles earlier than it starts. Then the DJ fades out, the dancing stops, and the banal mock terror commences.

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The couples who sneak off on the way to hook up stumble upon a spectral determine draped in long black hair, like the woman inside the “Ring” movies, the hair parting to expose a slashed face that makes you surprise: Did Perry intend all this to seem like a unique impact purchased in a dime-store gown save? (the answer, it seems, is yes, though that doesn’t make it any more pleasing.) And that’s just the nice and cozy-up for a couple of chainsaw-wielding killers in gasoline masks.


The reason this is supposed to be humorous is that Madea has determined to store Tiffany (even though for the reason that there hasn’t been an incident at Derrick Lake in forty years, you’d think every body could relax a piece). using there in her beat-up Cadillac, she brings alongside her posse of historic cranks, together with Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis), her lips welded right into a protective frown, and Hattie (Patrice lovable), together with her lispy child voice that can mangle any syllable regarded to guy.

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on the whole, though, there's Joe (performed by way of Perry), with his mischievous beady eyes and Brillo pad of white hair, who in “Boo 2” takes over the role of Outrageous pressure of Nature from Madea. He’s a lewd and crusty antique guy who fancies himself a pimp, and Perry gives him some strains which are simultaneously groan-worth and humorous of their utter loss of taste. “You had the pony,” says Joe to his divorced daughter-in-regulation, “you didn’t have the stallion!” when he’s advised to pray for Tiffany, he says, “No! Pimps don’t pray. The ho’s is the prey!” (hi there, I don’t write this stuff, I simply file it.) It’s now not that the lines are correct, or even that they’re imagined to be — it’s that Tyler Perry so believes in the egotistical chintziness of their mid-20th-century internal-city strut. Joe is the only man or woman in the film who’s impervious to worry, because he’s so caught up in his geriatric blaxploitation nostalgia.