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Canelo vs Chavez Live -New Closed Circuit Location
Canelo vs Chavez Live -New Closed Circuit Location

Canelo, to I know you have had world titles  Chavez vs Canelo  before you ve been a champion multiple times and is not a title fight but this Topics. In your opinion, is this even a bigger fight than any defense or world title or fighting for a world title, just because of the pride that's at stake? And how significant is this fight to you and your fans and pretty much all the Mexican boxing fans; is the pride almost a bigger deal than a world title?

Event: Canelo vs Chavez Live 
Date: Saturday, 04 March, 2017
Where Place On: T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas
In Live Official / BroadCasting: canelovchavezus 

ALVAREZ CANELO: Titles are very  Canelo vs Chavez in Live  important to me but is this Topics that is obligatorily above. This goes above a title, any title . It's for honor, for pride, and it's very important for me. And to keep making history in my career .

Q. Canelo, You're going up quite a bit in weight compared to your typical fighting weight. I wonder if you can talk about, what's been the biggest factor in that and how do you feel putting on that weight, and how do you think he'll take your power at the new weight?

CANELO ALVAREZ: I've been feeling very good. I've been training with sparring partners who are much bigger, who are light heavyweights that are much bigger than me. I'm feeling very comfortable, and very strong. I'm not having to dehydrate as much. I'm still having to go down in weight because I'm above the weight that the fight is scheduled at, but I do not have to dehydrate totally. We'll see come fight night how I feel, how the body adapts. I'm a fighter that knows how to adapt to the situations, and my body adapts well. I'm just anxious and looking forward to giving the public a beautiful fight, a great fight, come May 6.

Q. What does it feel like to train at this heavy weight? From the outside looking in, you sound happier and livelier on this conference call alone. Has it been an easier transition than going into training camp having to worry about cutting weight?

CANELO ALVAREZ: You know what, I'm always real happy. I'm always - I'm normally a tranquil person. But obviously in this fight, I do not have to go down as many pounds, the weight. But it's part of me. It's my character. I'm always a happy person. I love what I do.

Q. Canelo, do you view this match-up with Chavez, Jr. in any way as preparation for the eventual fight with Golovkin, just in terms of his size and style?

CANELO ALVAREZ: No, not at all. This is just another fight and it's a very important fight for me, and I'm not focusing on any other fighter but the fight that I have in front of me.

Q. Why do you think that the majority of the experts have you as a big favorite against Chavez, Jr.?

CANELO ALVAREZ: Because they know. Canelo vs Chavez Live Stream

 They know based on my history, my discipline, my abilities, my talent, and obviously all the experts see that and they know.

Q. I just wanted to ask, being that this fight is taking place at a higher weight, do you now consider yourself a true middleweight and do you consider yourself the Middleweight Champion of the World?

CANELO ALVAREZ: Look, I'm not a current world champion at middleweight. I have been in the past, but I'm not now.

And as far as the weight, after this fight, I'm not looking past this fight. I'm focused 100 percent on this fight, but I'm now staying at middleweight. I'll stay at 160 pounds.Before Canelo Alvarez (48-1-1, 34 KOs) meets Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr. (50-2-1, 32 KOs) for perhaps the biggest boxing event in history featuring two Mexican fighters, fight fans can get ready for all of the guaranteed action in this newly released commercial available here. As the fighters prepare for the mega battle, the teaser video paints both Mexican countrymen as larger than life figures ready to go to war in the ring.

The advertisement, which will start on Saturday, April 15, opens with Canelo and Chavez, Jr. in historic Mexican locales. From there, the two most popular fighters in Mexico begin charging through a Mexican desert before breaking through a seemingly impenetrable wall. Their run ends in Las Vegas, where the fight will take place on the Saturday of Cinco De Mayo weekend.

"The message of this ad is simple - not every Mexican is what President Trump has labeled them," said Oscar De La Hoya, the former 10-time world champion in six weight classes and Chairman and CEO of Golden Boy Promotions, the company putting on the fight. "Not only a huge majority of Mexicans are hard workers, this Topics fight between Chavez vs Canelo   will directly benefit is American business and employees. From the Las Vegas hotels and restaurants that will be full because of this fight, American industry will have a very successful Cinco de Mayo weekend. "