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Roskilde Festival 2017 Online
Roskilde Festival 2017 Online

The recent terrorist attacks in Roskilde Festival  which larger cars have been used to torpedo pedestrians get Roskilde Festival and the police to increase security.
It writes Mid and West Zealand Police in a press release.
According to police, there will be 'significant barriers' up at the entrances to the festival, which prevent vehicles from running into the area. At the same time there will also be so-called non-visible measures on site, allowing guests to feel safe, writes Mid and West Zealand Police.
The increased security may affect traffic around the festival.
- These actions may cause the traffic to the festival parking and disposal of guests at the entrances will be affected.
- It is recommended that you Roskilde Festival 2017alculate more time to come to the square and inputs, or that one takes to the festival by train and bus instead, as these vehicles are not deemed to be affected by the increased security, writes Mid and West Zealand Police.
Police also urge anyone staying about Roskilde Festival, to contact the police or the festival staff, if you look behaviors and conditions that are considered to be 'outside the normal image'.
Roskilde Festival campsite opens on Saturday, while the festival site opens Wednesday. It is expected that 100,000 people will visit the festival.
Roskilde is one of the festival season's big boys. It's coming to the end of its fifth decade now and summer in Denmark just wouldn't be summer without it. Which isn't bad going for a festival that was originally set up in 1971 by two high-school students and a music promoter. Alongside its massive orange main stage and its annual naked run – yes, it's really a thing; YouTube it if you don't believe us – the festival is famous for booking the biggest acts in music as well as some of the most Roskilde Festival 2017 Live cutting-edge.
 And 2017 is no different.On this year's bill are Arcade Fire, Solange, Ice Cube, The xx, Foo Fighters, Lorde and many, many more. To ramp up anticipation – and to highlight the breadth of music on offer – we've picked five essential albums, all released over the past few months
, by artists who are on this year's Roskilde bill.The impact the New Zealand singer had when she shot from unknown to world-conquering with her 2013 Pure Heroine debut was remarkable. From her self-confidence and distinctive voice to her strange, shadow-cloaked pop, Lorde seemed almost otherworldly. But just as soon as she'd arrived, Ella Yelich-O’Connor withdrew from public life. Until now. Her follow-up is richer than her debut, with all the beefed-up production you'd expect of a bona-fide star. But the songs – "incorrect songwriting," she's called it – are just as peculiar and unconventional as ever. It's been worth the wait.Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut Roskilde Festival 2017 Live Stream (DMI) is predicting heavy rain at this year’s festival, which opens its gates on Saturday to the first campers arriving at the site.
Cold and wet
“It won’t be the best weather. This weekend will be cool and wet, especially Sunday,” said Dan Nisvall from DMI to Jyllands Posten.
Monday and Tuesday are expected to be a bit Roskilde Festival  Live Stream milder, with less wind, and temperatures of 20-25 degrees could be possible.
However, in the early hours of Wednesday, the rain will return with a vengeance.
“A front will come in from the southwest and there is a risk of heavy rain and thunder,” added Nisvall.

Not much respite
As it looks at the moment, there won’t be any longer periods of fine weather. Nisvall expects the worst conditions to be experienced from late Thursday evening and during the night, when 15-30 mm of rain could fall in short periods.

Nisvall does point out, though, that the forecast Roskilde Festival  Live  could be a little uncertain, as it covers a long period, but what is scheduled for the first few days is likely to be accurate.
Sold-out wash-out?
On Monday, the Roskilde Festival announced that all the available 80,000 partout tickets had been sold.At the moment, one-day tickets are still available for Wednesday and Thursday
The Baltimore synth-rock trio made an unexpected breakthrough in 2014 when frontman Samuel T Herring brought his crazy-legs dancing and croon-into-metal growl to mainstream US TV. It captivated the world and their Singles album became a word-of-mouth hit. Now Future Islands are on their fifth album and the band's propulsive, synth-led alt-rock, which is also informed by hardcore and hip-hop, has an extra anthemic touch. Don't miss their reliably intense performance at Roskilde.
And although yesterday was not to Roskilde Festival 2017 Lineup  get a precise answer from management on why young people should be moved from the so-called 'waiting area' so says the head of security for the festival, Morten Therkildsen, today, so many guests had to move out.
- We look forward very much to take in on the guests and is busy doing the last things ready for them, but we are not there quite yet. On Wednesday night, we asked why the guests who stayed in the waiting areas, to move to an area nearby and simultaneously turn down the music installations of consideration for neighbors. It had most fully understand, he explains.
there overturns only more visitors Roskilde Festival 2017 Lineup Live to the area around the festival site, but the security chief asks them to stay home for a while.
- We call on Facebook the expectant guests to wait to leave for, we are ready to take against them. Roskilde Festival 2017 Lineup Live Stream We open for waiting areas Friday afternoon and camping areas open Saturday. 16:00, says Morten Therkildsen to Ekstra Bladet.